My GQ Stylist Rendezvous

My GQ Stylist Rendezvous

Listen to this curated playlist that sets the mood for My night as the story unfolds. Enjoy! 

So, picture this: our protagonist, your Divine Ruler Ororo Snow, finds Herself at a trendy Midtown bar in the heart of Atlanta. The music is bumping, the drinks are flowing, and the vibe is just right. Not to mention She's just left an epic birthday celebration at the High Museum with Her friends. Little did She know, this night would take a turn for the unexpected.

How did it all start? BC it's 10:30pm right now

As Divine Ruler was sipping on Her cocktail with Her friend, an interesting man appeared next to Her friend. Unbeknownst to them it's the GQ Stylist. They introduced themselves and struck a conversation one that Divine Ruler was definitely oblivious to. Before She knew it, they were deep in conversation, bonding over their love for fashion and good vibes.

Who else joined the party?

Just when Divine Ruler thought the night couldn't get any better, the GQ Stylist's best friend showed up. He was there the entire time She just never noticed being in Her own world She's completely uninterested in the male species. He happened to be Mr. Life of the Party, with a sense of humor and soft long luxurious hair that smelled like tobacco and vanilla. The trio hit it off instantly, laughing and joking like old friends. 

And then what happened? Bc its 11pm 👀

Another male species that tried to get Divine Rulers attention earlier in the night tried to put himself in the lingering conversation as things were just starting to heat up. The GQ Stylist being the straight forward speaker that he is got this weak beta loser out of the way while Mr. Life of the Party was solidifying the nights excitement with Divine Ruler. One thing led to another, and before Divine Ruler knew it, She found Herself in a situation She never thought possible. The GQ stylist and Mr. Life of the Party invited Her to join them for a night of adventure. What started as innocent fun quickly escalated into a night She would never forget. 

3 Ubers later...... it's 2:15

Divine Ruler met the gentlemen at their swanky Midtown Hotel, with nothing in mind but lets face it the only thing open at this time of night is waffle house and legs even on a Friday night. With every turn Mr. Life of the Party struck out with their next move. Its ok their from out of town and they were too entrapped with Divine Rulers Aura that they spent hours falling deeper under her spell. That's when She learned they weren't shy! At least not like all the men She's ever met before. They were willing to do WHATEVER Divine Ruler commanded of them. And that they did! 

But it's 8am now, and the flight is at 9am

As the sun rose over the city, Divine Ruler couldn't help but smile at the memories of the hours just before. It was 8am, neither of them had been to sleep and the men had a flight to catch at 9am. A whirlwind of excitement, spontaneity, and a touch of daring. Who would have thought that a chance encounter at a food hall would lead to such an unforgettable experience? One that had the men begging Her to come and visit their city for another unforgettable night.

So, the next time you find yourself in a similar situation, remember to embrace the unexpected. You never know where the night might take you. Who knows, you might just find yourself in a stylish threesome with a GQ stylist and his best friend.



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