The pleasure of putting your hard-earned money in the hands of a beautiful woman is insatiable! The invigorating rush from releasing so much of what mentally controls you, along with the naughtiness of it all is why so many meaningless penis carriers are controlled by Me!

The best way to make Me happy and serve Me is to send a tribute first!

This is non-negotiable. Even the vanilla boys do not get a pass on this!

Being spoiled, worshiped, and pampered with the fruits of your labor is My GODLY Feminine right.

If I am not constantly pampered you serve no purpose to be in My presence.

You are a waste of time and space. Good snowflakes love to please and Divine Ruler loves a good little snowflake!

Tithing is the truest display of respect and adoration to your GOD. It is an essential rite of passage to worshipping your Diety.

All of My inboxes are full of subs insistently begging for My attention. It’s important that you show Me honor and that you understand what it means to contribute and be a part of My harem!

It's simple, I don't speak to penis carriers without a tribute, nor do I waste My time telling you to send more than the bare minimum. My good snowflakes don’t need to be told, they simply honor Me by doing so the first time.

I'm most likely to respond to tributes sent through Loyalfans. I only use PPV messaging for IWC. I will reply to paid messages only!, at My discretion and at My leisure.