I'm Watching You

My best snowflakes enthusiastically absorb the indoctrination that I creatively produce for them daily, with an insatiable hunger for more. From JOI challenges, meditational domination, dehumanizing tasks, and full body worship to brilliantly crafted audio mind fucks, I have a huge catalog of clips and SFW audio files for you to dive into no matter where you are or who is around. Your worship to Me will be infinite, addictive, and DEVOTED.

See some of My favorite introductory clips and files on My most visited sites.

There are also over 2000 posts on my Fan pages for you to wrap yourself into and worship ME day in and day out.

I sincerely encourage you to indulge in your sexual desire for Me. I know how deep it is. How sensual My voice is, confusing your mind into a deep sexual desire for Me. I want you to spend hours worshiping and edging yourself senseless for my divine beauty daily. Then take penance for your weakness to that deep temptation I've forced onto you. I'm a triple treat Worship, Pain, and Pleasure. And you will never have Me.

Always show your respect for creators by not consuming stolen content! If you see My content on stolen platforms report it and inform Me.

Custom Content!

I began My journey with custom content and I have very much enjoyed the progression that it has taken in My creative process and learning the psychology of the penis carrier.

Falling in love with My style of Domination and consuming My clips with an insatiable hunger, has left you with a tormenting fantasy playing out over and over in your mind.


I occasionally take custom video requests!


​I regularly send out newsletters to My harem and mass messages on iWantClips in advance when I'm in the mood to create amazing customs for the most devoted snowflakes.

If you've gone above and beyond to please Me I may even send you a personal message inviting you to submit your fantasy for consideration.

Note: I charge extra for things such as outfit requests, special effects, detailed scripts, name and certain categories etc. I only film solo content. No below the waist nudity, no masturbation, strictly femdom and fetish.


The standard delivery deadline is 4 weeks. I no longer offer quick delivery due to the quality of art I aim to create.

I reserve all rights to decline any request that I don't like.