Servitude = Pleasure

Being here tells me that you’re very eager to find out how you can be a good little snowflake for Me.


  1. Call me Divine Ruler or GOD(dess) - Not Mistress
  2. Be respectful and treat Me as your superior. You are here to worship and serve.
  3. Spend as much time as possible praying to Me, listening, and deepening your devotion.
  4. Be patient. I do not offer a 24/7 TPE D/s dynamic. I am highly selective about who I choose to spend my time and energy on, and I’ll respond to messages at my leisure.

If you want to please Me, you will pay Me.

If you want to talk to Me, you will pay Me.

I only engage submissives who inspire Me and are generous, obedient, and devoted.

You can stand out by devoting yourself to My pleasure.

If you want My control

  1. You will follow My every order daily at The Prayer Circle.
  2. You will surrender your mind to Me at The Prayer Circle. 
  3. You will release your orgasms to Me at The Prayer Circle. 

Binge My clips and audio files daily. Tell Me, in great detail, just how much you love them and how they are guiding you down the path to salvation. Show your respect and appreciation for the time and passion that I have for creating these lessons to better you as a species.

Attend My live streams on LoyalFans. I love to connect with My subs this way!

Follow me on X for My daily tidbits and latest updates. 

I set very high standards for Myself and very high standards for My devotees. Serving Me and being a part of My Heaven is a luxury.

LoyalFans is the only platform I use to converse with My subs. Send me a tribute there to take your servitude deeper.


You crave My control. You have been ready to transform your useless life from an undisciplined chronic jerking pervert into an obedient controlled snowflake. You ready to become MINE!

Find structure and purpose by following the instructions I set for you every single day.

Along with prayers, tasks, and teases, I completely control your orgasm in one of three levels of surrender:

💒 DEVOTED: Are My little snowflakes just getting started. You still need that useless mind-numbing release. I will grant you at least one orgasm per week. This is just the tip of control.

❄️ FOCUSED: Are My sweet dedicated snowflakes that attend bible study regularly. You crave serious denial training like a good servant. I will happily be denying you for weeks or even months at a time for My pleasure.​

🔐CONTROLLED: Are My best most devoted servants! You crave true permanent denial. You know your place, you revel in your eunuch role. Maybe I'll grant you some orgasms this year, but don't hold your breath. Simply SERVE!

Nothing pleases Me more than to shrink your ego, reducing your mind to understand your one and only true rule in this life, YOU ARE A SERVANT! Controlling your mind and body leaving you completely desperate and patiently awaiting My orders is the life we are both destined to live.

You will quickly learn that being a good little snowflake is more important than cumming. There are strict steep painful punishments for disobedience. Your pain is My pleasure.

Join My 300+ strong Harem of devoted hypno sluts already stroking and praising My conviction at The Prayer Circle.