Welcome to the Snow Angels Society

Get visual step by step tutorials on ways to start, grow, and scale an successful business as an independent Dominatrix

This tutorial shows you how to:

❄️ Set up an email sender correctly

❄️ Create a sub focused landing page

❄️ Write your autoresponder email with your freebie attached

❄️ Write your induction email sequence

❄️ Set up your automated workflow

❄️ Link it all together and start getting subs


About Ororo Snow

Ororo Snow is the founder of The Snow Angels Society, where She is on a mission to increase the number of Female Led Relationships, scale a powerful self sustaining business, and become a Legendary Dominatrix. Through Her YouTube channel, E-commerce stores, and socials, Ororo Snow has helped thousands of Newbie Dommes around the globe find confidence and launch their own Dominatrix careers. Since 2019 Ororo Snow has provided courses, free tutorials, and advice on how to become a Dominatrix in todays society while giving her experiences on being a Black Independent Dominatrix. She is the trainer of a few worthy subs and an appointed dungeon sister at the World Famous Atlanta Dungeon.