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Vol. 5 Cuck

Vol. 5 Cuck

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You know your life as a loser has been on a steep decline and then you found ME! I attract loser beta cucks. It's MY super power. Knowing that I will use you as MY cum bucket bitch loser boi to clean, slurp, and eat loads of cum from Huge Black Dicks that I love.

Volume 5 is all about learning to be my beta cuck and falling in love with that Big Black Dick bull cum. You'll never get to lick MY pussy freak but knowing that you can suck the condom before sucking the cum out slowly for ME is your new happy place.

Even better you get step by step instructions on how you can pay for our sexy nights and even be included in the sexy fun! Go on cuck, indulge... it's as close to pussy as you'll ever get!!

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