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Vol. 7 Groveling

Vol. 7 Groveling

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What it is about the Power of making a grown man beg beneath MY feet that turns me on so much? It may be the false sense of reality I've just shattered in it, or perhaps that tears of what is joy are masked by sorrow. I don't cry, I've never been one for emotional states of duress so feeling the tears of pain/joy stream from the face of a grown man with no other redeeming quality a woman would find attractive is second nature to fueling MY emotions. A man simply begging ME if it can achieve its desires are not the begging tears that I enjoy! Those are false praise-seeking privilege tears that I spit on. Your tears must come from the deep stimulating pain that I've caused you.

Open Vol. 7 to learn what other ways you can serve me through groveling.

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